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Be proud of your mediocrity

guys , found this article somewhere .. Hope you like this 🙂

Love your mediocrity and never be ashamed of what you are and what you could not become . Mediocrity constitutes majority of the world population.
But let no one mistake me that mediocrity is abt lethargy, disinterest, losing hope , failure and deterioration !! No ! quite opposite..

Mediocrity is abt working hard, motivating yourself, pulling yourself up each time you fail , relying on your own efforts and perseverence rather than the “gift”.. Mediocrity is about making things happen without being supported by the “gift” .. It is about drawing strength from your inner self to do as well as any other guy … The motto of the mediocre guy is “Try and try till you succeed, Or die trying !! “.. Work hard, earn well, gain respect ,put constant efforts to better yourself , but never give up your mediocrity !!
Work Harder and better, fight stronger, push yourself up higher not as a means to an end, but as a way of life …
Mediocre is the guy who always tries to work harder and better , but never worries about becoming greater ..
In an interview , if the HR asks what is special abt you or what is ur USP(unique selling point) – tell boldly on his mediocre face ” i’m as mediocre as anyone can get ”

Respect mediocrity, Be bold . Be confident of whoever you are ..Have fun being what you are

Enjoy this video


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