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Things that money can’t buy .. update it guys ..

  • Joy of walking around DVG road, Gandhi bazar,on a festive day  when the streets are full of vendors selling flowers, baale kamba, kabbu , and other items for a festival !!! OH simply love it ..
  • Watching a  kannada comedy movie on a nice Saurday afternoon on your tv
  • Riding your bike  along a highway, with the wind blowing against your face and your hair fluttering due to the breeze ! Heavenly 😀
  • Trying hard to keep awake during a lecture and the eyes are heavy and pushing you to slip into deep slumber.. YOu wake up suddenly, thinking u have slept too long. But hardly 5 mins would have elapsed 😀
  • Holding a book in hand , you are falling asleep and you don make sense of what you are reading because you are half dreaming , and trying hard to figure out how the dream fits into the subject you are studying  .. LOL
  • Bisi Bisi pakoda, bajji bonda, aambode, donna mensinkayi bonda.. jothege pudina chutney .. aaahaa .. swargaaaaaaaa

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